Validator FAQ

General Concepts

What is a Validator?

A Validator is someone who operates a full node and validates transactions to secure the dHealth blockchain in return for rewards. Validators operate a full node on the dHealth network and participate in consensus by voting on the validity of blocks. Validators also participate in governance by voting on proposals.

What is Staking?

Staking is the act of depositing cryptocurrencies to help secure the dHealth blockchain, either as a Validator or Delegator. Delegators stake their DHP tokens to a Validator for a share of the Validator rewards. Validators stake DHP tokens, which may include their own tokens and staked tokens from Delegators, to be able to participate in the dHealth network as a Validator and earn rewards.

Users may declare their intention to become a validator by sending a create-validator transaction. From there, they become validator candidates.

The total amount of staked tokens determines the weight of the Validator's voting power and the probability that they are selected to produce a block.

Currently, only the top 64 Validators by staked DHP will be able to participate in consensus.

What is a full node?

Full nodes on the dHealth network are running the current version of the dHealth software to be able to validate transactions and blocks.

Operating a full node simply means running a non-compromised and up-to-date version of the software with low network latency and with no downtime.

dHealth welcomes any users who want to run a full node, even if they do not plan to become a Validator.

What is a Delegator?

A Delegator is someone who delegates their DHP tokens to a Validator to help secure the dHealth blockchain in return for a share of rewards. Unlike becoming a Validator, which has prerequisites in terms of hardware and connectivity, anyone who holds DHP can become a Delegator.

However, delegating does require participation from Delegators, who should actively monitor their stake and the performance of their chosen Validator(s). Delegators should also participate in governance votes, to ensure their wishes are reflected in the future development of the dHealth ecosystem.

Delegators also bear some risk. If their chosen Validator(s) engage in behavior that goes against the interests of the network, the Validators stake may be slashed. Therefore, Delegators are advised to do their own research before staking DHP to a Validator, and manage risk, for example, by staking to multiple Validators.

For more information, go to the Delegators section.