Reset the data

In case something goes wrong and your node can't be recovered, you can reset it and sync it again.

Reset the data:

rm $HOME/.dhealth/config/addrbook.json $HOME/.dhealth/config/genesis.json
dhealthd unsafe-reset-all
rm $HOME/.dhealth-testnet/config/addrbook.json $HOME/.dhealth-testnet/config/genesis.json
dhealth-testnetd unsafe-reset-all

Your node is now in a pristine state while keeping the original priv_validator.json and config.toml.



Make sure that every node has a unique priv_validator.json. Do not copy the priv_validator.json from an old node to multiple new nodes. Running two nodes with the same priv_validator.json will cause you to double sign.

After the reset, you can sync back your node with getting genesis file.