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You're on your way to contribute to- or learn more about the Public Blockchain Framework for Healthcare! Here's some of the things you'll want to check out.

Welcome to the developer hub for dHealth Network documentation. Here you will find content that describes and supports the features that are live on the Public dHealth Network.

This includes guides and explainers, information on all the core components of dHealth Network, details of how dHealth Network was designed and its architecture, how the dHealth Network works, details about the fee structure and tokenomics, release notes, a compatibility matrix, a glossary of terms, as well as community resources.

dHealth Ecosystem Components

The healthcare-dedicated network of nodes serves as an alternative solution for permissioned, regulated, and government-controlled infrastructure. It provides the pillars of a real-time and efficient data-transaction healthcare ecosystem.

Based on the dHealth Network, interested parties can build their use-cases. The network’s value-proposition consists of the network components that enable the ecosystem partners to benefit from each other.

The ecosystem components have already been developed in the context of existing use-cases or will be completed in 2022.