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Resource nameContributorsTypeDescription
dHealthBookdaiWebsiteOne-Account Explorer for any details about accounts, transactions and mosaics.
dHealth Node ListdaiWebsiteA network-wide Node List for dHealth Network with uptime information and status requests.
NinjaZZZGrégory S.Wallet PluginA [boring] NFT board game using dHealth Network transactions and accounts inside dHealth Wallet.
LibrarianUBC.DigitalWallet PluginA transactions library to organize an account's transactions in so-called Booklets inside dHealth Wallet.
Node MonitorGrégory S.Wallet PluginA node monitoring interface for dHealth Network node operators.
SwapableUBC.DigitalLibraryAn open standard for peer-to-peer automated liquidity pools on top of dHealth Network.
GovernableUBC.DigitalLibraryAn open standard for managing distributed organizations (DAOs) on top of dHealth Network.